About Us

We connect you with your audience

Our Philosophy

We believe good companies deserve to be found. That’s why at Plus Media we don’t just build websites; we tap into every resource possible from promotional videos to SEO, all to help you get your name on the map. That’s web plus more.

What we believe

Building a business isn’t easy; we know that. We meet with small business owners and entrepreneurs every day that can attest to that. We also know that everything is on the web, and how people perceive your online presence can be equally as important to how they perceive your offline presence. At Plus Media we genuinely want to help you get your business off the ground. Whether you’ve been in business for 6 months, or have been operating a family business for over 60 years, we love to watch businesses grow and take pride in the friendships we are able to create along the way.
A basic philosophy that we live by at Plus Media is: you get what you give in life. That’s why we’re constantly fighting to help the underdog, especially when they’re up against the ropes. We firmly believe that when we help others succeed, we succeed.

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Our Team

Marketing Manager Burnaby

Kevin Ho

Marketing Manager

Favourite Quote: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

Kevin is the words behind Plus Media. Holding a degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University, Kevin is the marketing specialist behind Plus Media’s ‘Plus More Campaign’ and resident analytics expert.

Public Relations Manager Vancouver

Julius Dürrfeld

Public Relations Manager

Favourite Quote: "With discipline, belief and the right knowledge we become the best we can be."

With a background in Communications from the University of Erfurt in Germany, Julius excels in both marketing research and the conceptualisation of Communication strategies. He regularly spends his free time watching all sorts of ads, no matter if there are printed, online or on TV, to consider how they can been made better and more effective. Julius is your perfect match if you are looking for a unique concept for your corporate identity or a marketing strategy directed at a specific target audience.

Digital Strategist Vancouver

Jordan Lore

Digital Strategist

Favourite Quote: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart"

Born, raised, and refined in Vancouver Jordan loves technology and marketing strategy like a fat kid loves cake. Always the type to stay on top of current social trends, Jordan operates the web marketing and content strategy side of Plus Media. He prides himself in his ability to use new technologies to communicate effective messages to an audience. Deciphering what makes big name brands BIG keeps Jordan on his toes and forever in search of the 'next big thing'. Catch Jordan several beers deep at a Canucks game or running around photographing everything in Vancouver.

Cinematographer & Editor Burnaby

Jeremy Marcelo

Cinematographer & Editor

Favourite Quote: "When I lost all my excuses, I found all my results."

Jeremy sees the world like it’s playing out on the big screen. A passionate videographer with an impeccable eye for detail, Jeremy uses his background in wedding photography to tell showcase our clients in the best possible light. When he’s not shopping for new lenses online, he’s trying to come up with new ideas to draw more attention to viewers.

Art Director Burnaby

Hendrik Petsch

Art Director

Favourite Quote: “Imagination is the greatest gift as a Designer.”

To Hendrik, nothing is impossible. One of the most positive and enthusiastic people you will ever meet,Hendrik channels his creative energy into coming up with new out of the box design solutions. Formally trained in web and video production, Hendrik’s eye for aesthetics is what keeps Plus Media fresh amongst a sea of competition.
When Hendrik isn’t bending his mind over another layout or colour swatch, he can usually be found running through a field of lilies into the sunset.

Web Developer & Motion Graphic Designer Burnaby

Kevin Quach

Web Developer & Motion Graphic Designer

Favourite Quote: "We shouldn’t worry about being able to achieve our dreams as long as we have the desire to do it!"

Kevin Quach is one of those unicorns they refer to as a full stack developer. With expertise in everything from back end server technogies to front end code, Kevin is undoubtedly a valuable asset to Plus Media’s development team. A natural born leader and computer wiz, Kevin excels in finding solutions to complex problems and he does it all with a smile (and usually an ice cap). When Kevin’s not managing Plus Media’s back end, you can find him touching up on his motion graphics skills in the lab, or at the gym telling people to “pump it up”.

Web Designer & Developer Burnaby

Decarle Yang

Web Designer & Developer

Favourite Quote: “If you think good design is expensive, you should see the cost of bad design."

Decarle’s story begins across the pond in Guangzhou China where he got a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Commerce from the South China Normal University. After moving to Vancouver in 2008 he spearheaded the graphic design division at a Vancouver promotions firm before receiving his Senior Management Certificate in New Media Design from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Decarle has a wicked sense of humor and is fluent in both pan frying and deep frying. He is known in some circles as ‘chef D’ and makes awesome fried chicken.

Portrait Photography by Stephanie Kartzmark